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Bally's is formerly the MGM Grand.  Following  a devastating fire that killed 85 guests in November 1980, the hotel was sold to Bally Entertainment Corporation and became Bally's in 1985 following repairs and refurbishment.  Bally's is known for this distinctive neon-tunnel effect along the Strip which changes colors; a conveyor belt moves people along to the lobby entrance (reached via an escalator and down another long conveyor belt). 

 Make Reservations at Bally's


These pictures were taken a 4:00 A.M. in the morning; here the color has changed to green.   Before it was the MGM Grand, the property was the site for the Bonanza Hotel, and then the New Bonanza Hotel. 


In September, 1999, Paris Las Vegas opened next door to Bally's and became a sister-property; the two are connected by a promenade; for a number of years, the two casinos operated under one gaming license. 


Finally, after long conveyor belt and escalator rides, one reaches the front door to the lobby (off-set from the Strip by quite a distance).  But, the changing light displays and music make for an enjoyable trip.


The Bally's lobby at 4:00 A.M.--a perfect time to check-in! 


Bally's pedestrian entrance on the Strip. 


The long conveyor belt tunnel as seen from the Strip. 


Same scene as above, only blue this time. 


The changing colors of Bally's are always fun! 


One of the Bally's towers seen from Paris Las Vegas. 


The Bally's complex as viewed from the Strip. 

 The Blue-lit Bally's with its neighbor, Paris Las Vegas. 

Bally's "back door"--access via the promenade which connects the casino to Paris Las Vegas; along the way, there are a number of shops to browse--and a buffet--in Le Boulevard. 


This is the ceiling that one sees when looking up from the location in the last picture. 


Bally's casino floor near the promenade.


The entrance to Bally's as seen from Bill's Gambling Hall (formerly the Barbary Coast) at Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo Rd. 



Jay on the casino floor at Bally's 


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