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The 30-story luxury resort, Bellagio--inspired by the Lake Como resort in Italy.  The Bellagio now sits where the once famous Dunes Hotel was located.  The Fountains of Bellagio have become world-famous and are choreographed to light and music--ranging from Classical to Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley.

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The Fountains of Bellagio are part of an 8-acre lake; shows run every 15-minutes from 8 P.M. to Midnight.  Before a show, the fountain nozzles break the surface and the building turns a purple-hue. 




Bellagio Fountains Video










The Bellagio Fountains Finale, October 30, 2010.  Francis Scott Key, "The Star Spangled Banner". 

(Note:  Video won't play using the Google Chrome web browser.  Try using Internet Explorer or Firefox, or watch the video from Youtube).















 Lower video by Gil Davis




The Fountains, Hotel and Casino


The Bellagio from the Eiffel Tower.  Photo taken March 29, 2011.

The original concept for Bellagio was named "Beau Rivage"--a resort located on an island in a large man-made lake.  The Bellagio, like many of the hotels on the Strip, was built by Steve Wynn.  At the time the Bellagio opened (October 15, 1998 just before 11:00 P.M.), it was the most expensive hotel ever built at $1.6 billion.




A fountains performance near twilight with the Flamingo and Bally's in the background. 


Viewing the fountains from behind can provide a new visual experience--particularly at twilgiht. 


Looking down on the fountains from the Eiffel Tower. 


Here, the Bellagio sits majestically behind its man-made lake. The Bellagio is a five-diamond hotel.


The Bellagio with Caesars Palace's Augustus Tower (center of picture) and Octavius Tower.  This scene is looking northward.

The Bellagio's Spa Tower is to the left.

The neon blue of the Cosmopolitan seen from the Bellagio Fountains Pool--with the Spa Tower to the right.  The scene is looking south.


A close-up view of the Spa Tower. 


The Bellagio Fountains in action as seen from the people-mover conveyor belt on the south side of the property.  Caesars Palace and the Mirage are in the background. 


Welcome to the Bellagio!  Entering the Bellagio from the people-moving conveyor belt on the south side of the property


The Fiori di Corno hangs over the Bellagio lobby.


Covering 2,000 square feet of the lobby's ceiling, Dale Chihuly's Fiori di Corno is comprised of more than 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers.


Another view of the busy Bellagio lobby. 


This area is between the lobby and the Conservatory. 


An 18-foot tall crystal obelisk, the only one of its kind in the world, mraking the entrance of the Conservatory. 


One of the casino areas of the Bellagio  


The Bellagio casino was a busy place during Halloween weekend. 


The Baccarat Bar at the Bellagio near the lobby.


The hallway to the Convention and Business Services Center.




Halloween at the Bellagio


The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanic Garden displays are changed five-times a year to reflect the change of the seasons as well as the Chinese New Year.  This scene is for the Fall; in the foreground is a 751 lb pumpkin! 


A blue rain tree in the Bellagio Conservatory.  Photo taken on October 14, 2010. 


 Photo by Gil Davis

Jessica and Michael enjoying Halloween weekend at the Bellagio as Elvira and the Mummy.  Photo taken October 30, 2010. 




Photo by Gil Davis

Jack, Ronald McDonald and Wendy gambling away 3rd-Quarter profits at the Bellagio casino on October 30, 2010. 


Two weeks later (see above), the rain tree was purple (as in, Purple Rain?).  Photo taken October 30, 2010. 


Photo by Gil Davis

Five she-devils clearing a swath through the Bellagio the night before Halloween. 


The lobby decorated for the Fall season. 


Photo by Gil Davis

Robyn and her dad (Jay) waiting for the next Bellagio Fountains performance on October 30, 2010. 


Robyn and Gil at the Bellagio during the Halloween weekend. 


Bellagio Christmas



Christmas time 2012 at the Bellagio Conservatory. 


A giant Christmas tree at the west end of the conservatory. 


These nutcracker soldiers guarded the four-points of the Christmas tree. 


A Christmas polar bear. 


More polar bears frolicking and playing. 


A rocking horse encircled by an electric train. 


The lobby decorated for the Christmas holiday. 


Decorations behind the check-in desk. 


Bellagio at Spring


For Spring 2011, the Conservatory was ablaze of color with this Ferris Wheel demanding first attention! 


A butterfly tree. 


The Bellagio check-in desk decorated for Spring. 


A carousel part of the Spring theme.


The center of the Conservatory at Spring time. 


Gil filming Jay as he takes photographs. 




One Last Look


Trees begin to sprout leaves during the early Spring. 


A close-up of the village along the lakefront:  Osteria del Circo is one of the more casual restaurants featuring Tuscan cuisine. 


The section of Las Vegas Blvd in front of the Bellagio is probably the most loveliest on the Strip--loaded with large shade trees.  For more photos and video of the fountains, click here.



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