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Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace opened August 5, 1966 and Andy Williams and Phil Richards were the headliners.  Jay Samo, who had the resort built, named it Caesars instead of Caesar's (with the apostrophe) because he felt every guest is a Caesar. 


Make Reservations at Caesars Palace


The Caesars Palace complex as viewed from the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.  Viewed clockwise from center:  Augustus Tower, Octavius Tower, Palace Tower (behind)--the Forum Tower and the Colosseum (far right). 


The three ladies that greet guests in the lobby. 


The lobby of Caesars Palace.  Along with Circus Circus, Caesars Palace must be one of the most recognized brand-names in Vegas.


The name with power--overhead in the casino. 


The goddess Fortuna--standing at the entrance to the Forum Shops while looking into the casino. 


Looking into the casino not far from the feet of Fortuna. 


Panning right from the previous photo.


The gaming table area of the casino--with a sign to the left pointing the way to different places in the resort. 


The gaming tables of Caesars Palace. 


Inside the casino of Caesars Palace on June 1, 2007. 


A mural in the casino with a Roman solider holding the wrist of a nude woman while other soldiers carry off naked women; an allusion to Roman decadence.


Caesars Palace Sports Book. 


The famous nightclub, Pure. 

Make Reservations at Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace


Cleopatra's Barge--where the barge is the dance floor.! 


The Octavius Tower of Caesars Palace and the Bellagio (to the left).   It is no longer possible to take a photograph from this location because a new restaurant, Serendipity 3, is in the way (the corner of the roof blocks out the Bellagio).    

 The grand entrance to Caesars Palace. 





Caesars Forum Shops




Fontana di Trevi at Caesars Forum Shops (located outside on the Strip).


A fountain near the entrance to Caesars Forum Shops on the Strip.


The Strip entrance to Caesars Forum Shops. 


A pool and fountains at the Strip entrance to Caesars Forum Shops. 


Inside the three story Caesars Forum Shops.


 Festival Fountain--one of the animatronics shows featuring the gods Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Plutus.


The Fall of Atlantis Fountain--another animatronics show and aquarium (shown here, between shows). 


The 50,000 gallon salt water aquarium that surrounds the Fall of Atlantis Fountain. 


 Diners at the Trevi Italian Restaurant can enjoy the Fountain of the Gods while eating




Caesars Forum Shops Fountain Videos


The Festival Fountain features the gods Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Plutus.  The animatronic show includes sound, light and lasers.  Shows are daily on the hour. 




The Fall of Atlantis Fountain tells the tale of Atlas, Gadrius and Alia and the struggle to rule over the legendary city.  The show features fire, water, smoke and other special effects.  Shows are daily on the hour.  


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