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Davis Dam


A mile upriver from Laughlin is the Davis Dam.  The Davis Dam is 45 miles downstream from Hoover Dam and was originally called Bullhead Dam.   The dam is 200 feet high and 1600 feet in length.  Photo taken from Arizona. 


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While other dams on the Colorado River may be made of concrete, the Davis Dam gets the job done. 


Davis Dam & Power Plant. 


The spillway of the Davis Dam.   



The plaque reads (in part):  "It's Paid For.  The other major dams on the Colorado River (Hoover and Parker) are tall, spectacular concrete arch dams.  Davis Dam, an earth-and-rockfill structure, doesn't look as impressive, but is an engineering marvel  in its own right.  And it's paid for ... " 


Power plant offices. 


The concrete portion of the Davis Dam spillway (and the dam itself--to the left) are seen from the Riverside Casino. 

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