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The Excalibur opened on June 19, 1990 and originally was a Circus Circus property.  When Excalibur opened, it was the largest hotel in the world.  This photo was taken at street level from New York-New York.

 Make Reservations at Excalibur


This photo was taken in May 2006 from the pedestrian bridge connecting the Tropicana with the MGM Grand.  The Tournament of Kings is a popular jousting exhibition with knights and wizards and includes a chicken dinner.


Inside near the main entrance. 


The beginning of a giant gaming floor inside Excalibur. 


The hotel lobby and check-in desk. 


A suit of armor located near the tram station. 


Excalibur is connected to the Luxor and Manadalay Bay by a free tram.  The tram looks like a monorail, but it actually rides on two rails. 


The tram pulls into the Excalibur station. 


The tram moves out very fast--headed to Mandalay Bay. 


The tram as it glides to a stop at the Excalibur station.  


A close-up of the castle's turrets--photo taken near the Excalibur drawbridge.


The Excalibur sign on the Strip as seen from the castle's drawbridge.  Excalibur has featured the long-running Thunder from Down Under (a male-strip revue from Australia); they share the same stage with comedian Louie Anderson (but, not at the same time). 


The Round Table Buffet ... where all in Camelot go to eat their fill (found on the second level where the shops and arcades are located). 


The dining room of the Round Table Buffet is vast--this is just one dining area--another is located on the other side of the buffet line and to the right is another large dining room.  And, the Round Table (like Circus Buffet at Circus Circus) has its own restrooms--most buffets nowadays require the diner to leave the restaurant and use the restrooms on the casino floor. 


A large queue area at the front of the buffet which can accommodate a lot of people. 


This is a two-story tall fountain near the front of the Excalibur. 



Excalibur viewed from the second-story entrance of the MGM Grand.  Looking out from the front turret is the character for the pub Dick's Last Resort--which opened at the casino in 2007.  Dick's advertisement replaced a wizard who used to look out onto the intersection. 


The Steakhouse at Camelot--fine dining with reservations recommended--located on the second level (not far from the buffet). 


The entrance to the Camelot Steakhouse. 



A look inside the dining area of the Camelot Steakhouse where the chef can be seen getting things ready for opening. 


Ornamentation found on the tops of the columns on the casino floor. 


The long-running and must-see Tournament of Kings show--which includes dinner (no eating utensils allowed!).  Jousting, wizards and a lot of fun! 


What would Camelot be without Spongebob?  Here, Robyn is hanging out with the yellow dude (as she did over at Circus Circus on a previous trip).  Excalibur (along with Circus Circus) is one of the most kid-friendly casinos in Las Vegas.   


Excalibur is the location for the Las Vegas Dick's Last Resort--a small chain of eight bars and rrestaurants found across the USA. The owner of Dick's Last Resort initially tried to establish a fine-dining restaurant, which failed.  As a "last resort", an attempt was made to "go sloppy" and the brand was a success! 




The bar is known for its obnoxious wait staff who act rowdy and hurl insults at no instigation of the customer. 


Turrets of Excalibur seen from the 24th floor of Tower I. 



Excalibur as seen from the MGM Grand


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