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Looking down Riviera Blvd.  Photo taken October 31, 2010.  The construction cranes were taken down during the Spring of 2014, which is not a good sign for the future of the Fontainbleau.  Some news reports indicate that it would be cheaper and easier to demolish the structure, rather than try to finish it.


News reports indicate that Fontainbleau may remain in this state for a number of years.  Owner Carl Ichan has reportedly set out to virutally sell-off everything not bolted down.  The owners of the Union Plaza Hotel in downtown have bought all the Fontainbleau furnishings which will figure in that hotel's refurbishment during 2011.


A scene that visitors to the northern section of the Strip will be seeing for a while.  The Sky Luxury Condos are reflected in the Fontainbleau's windows.  Photo taken October 31, 2010.


It appeared that the Fontainbleau was going to be finished in almost record time--going from dirt to its current height in a little over two years.   But then, everything came to a halt.  Photo taken October 31, 2010.


Looking at the northern face of the building.  Photo taken October 31, 2010. 


Las Vegas Blvd with the Encore in the background.  Photo taken October 31, 2010. 


Looking south down Las Vegas Blvd with the Fontainbleau to the left and the Encore in the background. 


A monorail pulls into the Convention Center station along Paradise Rd; in the background (center-left) is the massive Fontainbleau. 


The 68-story Fontainbleau (center) with the Encore to the left as viewed from the Monorail.  At the time of the picture, Fontainbleau was not yet completed and in bankruptcy


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