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Golden Gate\


The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is the oldest and smallest hotel (106 rooms) on the Fremont Street Experience.

Make Reservations at the Golden Gate


The Golden Gate started out as the Hotel Nevada in 1906 and was assigned the first telephone in 1907 with the number 1. 


The hotel was renamed the Golden Gate in 1955 when a group of investors from the Bay Area bought the casino. 


One of the dancing barmaids poses like a seductive siren while sitting on the counter of the open-air frozen daiquiri bar located at the entrance to the Golden Gate on the Fremont Street Experience.


The Golden Gate experienced its first renovation in its history during 2012--and done remarkably fast!  At the rear of the building (or is it now the front?) where the valet area is located, a major outside facelift occurred.  Compare this view taken on October 12, 2012 with the one below.


This is how the rear entrance and valet area appeared just one year earlier--on November 2, 2011.


Just inside the door is a brand new black Chevy Camaro that appears to be up for grapbs to some lucky gambler.


The new hotel lobby and check-in desk (compare with photos taken below).  Photo taken October 12, 2012.


On the outside along Main Street, new neon lights adorn the building.


Prior to the 2012 Renovation


Standing in the lobby of the Golden Gate, looking into Du-Par's Deli.


Du-Par's Deli of the Golden Gate--where the shrimp cocktail is now $1.99--for the size of the glass, it's still a great deal!  The shrimp cocktail was first served in 1959 for 50 cents.


The casino of the Golden Gate as seen from the deli. 



The historic hotel desk in the lobby; behind the counter are old fashioined mailboxes.  The enitre lobby and deli are being moved and rebuilt as part of a major renovation project during 2012 on the south-side of the building. 



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