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Harmon Tower

(We Hardly Knew Ye!)


During it's four years of existence, the Harmon Tower never became anything more than an expensive advertising billboard.  The 27-story tower was originally to be 47-stories tall; in 2008, building inspectors found that structural work did not match building plans.  The issues involved improperly placed steel reinforcing bar (i.e. rebar).  Due to concerns that the Harmon could collapse during a major earthquake, MGM Resorts announced in August, 2011 it couldn't be fixed; it was to be imploded, but the proximity of other structures require it to be dismantled floor-by-floor.  Here, the East Tower of the Cosmopolitan Resort is reflected in the blue windows of the Harmon.


The Harmon was envisioned as a luxury hotel and condominium, which anchored the $8.5 billion City Center complex. 


Work has begun in clearing out the interior of the building to ready it for dismantling.  Had the Harmon been imploded, it would have taken four months for debris removal.  


Plans for 200 condominiums for the upper floors were scrapped by MGM Resorts in 2009.  The building remains simply an empty shell. 


Nearby buildings and pedestrian bridges reportedly will be protected by screens and scaffolding during the implosion. 


Once gone, there's no word on whether the Harmon would be rebuilt or another structure would be constructed.



The Harmon still under construction in October, 2009--still with expectations of opening with the other hotels of City Center later in December. 


The Harmon under construction in July, 2008. 


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