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Liberace Museum


The Liberace Museum closed on October 17, 2010 due to the Recession and a decline in visitors.  The museum was contained in two buildings in a strip mall located on Tropicana Rd:  The Jewelry and Costume Gallery and another that housed all his pianos and cars.  Liberace's full name was  Wladziu Valentino Liberace.  


The museum anchored a strip mall called The Liberace Center.  Liberace himself opened the museum on April 15, 1979; his brother Greorge was the Director.


On the side of the larger building is the sheet music for the "Beer Barrel Polka." 


"Beer Barrel Polka" was Liberace's signature song.


The board of directors has looked for a new home for the museum on the Strip, but until they find one, there is a plan to take Liberace's show pieces on tour to various cities ("Look for the Liberace traveling museum in a city near you!).


The other building of the museum, located at the front of the Strip mall along Tropicana Rd. 


On the sidewalk of the strip mall are a number of bronze plaques that showcase special events and achievements by Liberace during his life.  


Among some of Liberace's achievements:  a private audience with Pope Pius XII in Rome, Italy in 1956; broke the all-time world record at the Hollywood Bowl; was given two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for T.V. and as a recording artist; met Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip and performed at Victoria Palace, London, England; gave a command performance for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1977; listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the highest paid pianist in the world. 



The front of the closed museum. 


The last bronze plaque for Liberace located near the "Beer Barrel Polka" display.


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