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The Luxor opened on October 15, 1993.  The resort has been modified in recent years to de-emphasize its Egyptian theme in exchange for a highly modernized, adult-oriented contemporary design. 


Make Reservations at the Luxor


The Luxor is the most recognizable hotel on the Strip due to the 350 foot high, 30-story black pyramid (the pyramid at Giza with capstone would be 481 feet high).  The Sky Beam shown here is supposed to be visible from space. 


Over the years, many of the Egyptian aesthetics and attractions have been removed--including the Nile River tour which encircled the inside of the pyramid; a fountain-laser light show; and Egyptian art-work (among others). 


These four ladies were among some of the Egyptian aesthetics that were removed from near the entrance.  Photo taken in May 30, 2007.


Compare with the photo above:   This is what the area looks like now.  Photo taken August 13, 2010.


Looking up inside to the apex of pyramid; the various levels are floors with rooms lining the skin of the building; to reach the rooms, one must ride an "inclinator"--an elevator that moves at a 39-degree angle.


Performing in the Atrium Showroom at the time of the photo was Carrot Top, Fantasy (a topless revue) and Menopause, the Musical. 


A smaller sphinx in front of a large obelisk on the Atrium level. 



The IMAX Theater. 



A look upward into the pyramid with an Egyptian town inside. 


The obelisk on the Atrium level. 



Wedding plans? 


Looking into the lobby from the front entrance.  Photo taken August 13, 2010.


The lobby of the Luxor as it appeared in May, 2007 (note that hotel rooms begin right above the check-in desk). 


The casino of the Luxor (circa May 31, 2007). 


The Luxor casino (circa October 14, 2010). 


A gaming area not far from LAX, the nightclub. 


Some of the artistic Egyptian detail on the walls of the casino. 


A jackal at the valet entrance. 


The Sphinx as seen from the tram station--photo taken August 13, 2010. 


A photo from May, 2006; just inside the paws of the Sphinx after getting off the tram. 


Another photo from May, 2006:  Looking from within the paws of the Sphinx at the obelisk which acts as the Luxor's street-signage.  The Luxor tram station is at the bottom center. 


On the tram that services Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay.  The tram looks like a monorail in design, but as the track shows, there are two rails.


The famous nightclub at the Luxor which caters to a large LA crowd on the weekends. 


A look up the stairs to the inner sanctum of LAX. 


FLIGHT--a bar across from LAX.  Notice a theme? 


The Cathouse--an ultra lounge with soft, puffy doors.  Open at 10:30 P.M. seven days a week. 


The Criss Angel Mindfreak store at the Luxor.  Across the hall is Criss Angel's production office.  Criss Angel signed a deal in 2006 to tape episodes of his Mindfreak television show at the Luxor.  Seasons three and four were filmed at the Luxor.  Criss Angel also once lived in a penthouse under the powerful Sky Beam.


The Luxor's Criss Angel:  Believe began in late 2008 and is scheduled to run for ten years; the show is in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. 


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