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MGM Grand
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The MGM Grand

The MGM Grand following the "Grand Renovation."  Photo taken May 28, 2014. 


The 2nd Story entrance to the MGM Grand--from the pedestrian bridge crossing from New York-New York. 


In this photo, the MGM Grand prior to the Grand Renovation.  When the MGM Grand opened on December 18, 1993, it was the Emerald City of Oz.  The MGM Grand was extensively refurbished in 1996, and in 2000, and during this time, all of the Oz decor was removed;  the MGM has an art deco look from 1930s Hollywood but still displays emerald green as its primary color.  The Marina Hotel (which originally stood at this location) is the front portion of the building (next to the MGM sign); the Marina closed November 30, 1991 as construction of the rest of the giant edifice began; for a time, the hotel was the MGM-Marina Hotel.


Make Reservations at MGM Grand


Magician David Copperfield performs at the MGM Grand.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012). 


Here is the MGM icon located in the lobby.  There is no doubt about it--"Grand" means HUGE.   The distance from the front doors of the MGM Grand on the Strip to the pool on the other side of the monorail is quite a walk!


A wider-view of the lion in the lobby.  The top two floors of the MGM Grand are the Skylofts which are ultra-luxury penthouses.  The Skylofts are independent from the rest of the hotel and received their own five-diamond award.  The Hotel32 at the Monte Carlo has the same function.

Make Reservations at the MGM Skylofts


This bronze version of Leo the Lion (at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana) is the second lion motif to exist at this location:  This 50-ton, 45-foot tall statue was installed in 1998.  Originally, the main entrance on the corner was a giant lion head with an open mouth, but this was removed because Asian guests felt it was bad luck to walk into a lion's mouth.


Major changes taking place inside and out during the "Grand Renovation"--here, a 140 foot tall crane is set up at the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd; the corner of the MGM Grand that featured phasing, multi-colored lights has been torn out.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012). 



The entrance to the Centrifuge lounge not far from the front doors of the casino. 


The symbol for Hakkasan with a changing light display.  The prestigious global restaurant offers an "all-encompassing" nightlife experience at the MGM Grand. 


Looking into the cavernous casino. 


Detailed relief work on the stairs. 


Relief art on the stair railings. 


Gaming tables at the MGM Grand. 


The Hollywood Theatre--the MGM Grand home of magician David Copperfield. 


A bronze bust of David Copperfield in front of the Hollywood Theatre. 




The Rouge lounge. 



Another view of the Rouge--looking to the right from the last picture. 



The Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill.

Fiamma Trattoria and Bar--located at the beginning of the Studio Walk.


A fun and no-cost thing to to do is screen a new television pilot at CBS Television City (near the end of the Studio Walk).  Visitors watch one or two shows and then fill out a computerized questionnaire on what they did and didn't like about the program.   Usually participants are rewarded with fast food and merchant coupons good on the Studio Walk. 



CBS Television City hostess Patricia explains to the would-be critics a little about the program they are to watch and what they must do to register their reactions to various things they like or dislike during the show. 



The Las Vegas Monorail station at the MGM Grand.  This is the southern end of the monorail system; the northern end is at the Sahara. 



The view from a room window at night on the 26th-floor at the MGM Grand; lighted billboards line Tropicana Rd. 



To the left, the three 475-foot tall (38 story) buildings are the Signature at MGM (a condo-hotel project).  The Signature now stands where the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park used to be; the park did poorly financially while it existed and did not open for the 2001 season. To the right is the Grand Pool (about a 1/4 mile walk from the hotel room to the pool).  The monorail track can be seen slithering through the property in the lower half of the picture.  In the background is Sunrise Mountain.  The Conference Center is to the right.


Make Reservations at the Signature MGM Grand





Prior to the Grand Renovation


A small section of the casino located near the front of the MGM Grand.


Looking out from the second floor near the front of the casino: straight across is the Studio 54 nightclub (now closed), and below is the roof of the Centrifuge lounge. 



The top of the Centrifuge near the entrance of the MGM Grand. 


Makes Reservations at the Luxury Suites International at The Signature



The MGM Grand hotel lobby. 



No More Lion Habitat


A popular exhibit at the MGM Grand was the Lion Habitat.  Up to six lions were on display daily; they are owned by Keith Evans, an exotic animals trainer, and live at his ranch about twelve-miles outside of VegasThe lion habitat closed permanently in February 2012 as part of the MGM's Grand Renovation.   Here, the lions are sleeping on the glass tunnel that provides close-up viewing for guests.  Viewing the habitat was free.


Getting a close-up look of sleeping lions while in the glass tunnel of the Lion Habitat.



His Majesty getting some shut-eye at the Lion Habitat. 


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