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New York-New York

New York-New York opened January 3, 1997.  Among the edifices represented on the facade are the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Here, New York-New York as seen from the pedestrian bridge linking the Tropicana with the MGM Grand.


Make Reservations at New York-New York




The Statue of Liberty replica is half-scale and is 150 feet tall.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012).


This view of New York-New York is taken from the pedestrian bridge crossing the Strip between the Excalibur and the Tropicana.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012).



As seen in this photo, New York-New York offers (like many other casinos) a Cirque du Soleil show--this one is called "Zumanity"--an exploration of sexuality intended only for adult audiences.  "Zumanity" was the third Cirque du Soleil show to open in Vegas. 



A look at New York-New York from Excalibur.  To the left are the Monte Carlo and the Mandarin Oriental of City Center.



The main casino area is called "Central Park".  This picture is taken from the second story entrance that connects to the pedestrian bridge to the MGM Grand. 



Note the ribbon of light that changes color throughout the casino; Planet Hollywood introduced a similar scheme.



Again, a view of the changing colored-lights.



 The shops and restaurants of New York-New York are modeled after Greenwich Village.



In some sections of Greenwich Village, the casino's roller coaster actually enters the building and travels overhead inside. 



Details down to even street signs and parking hours.  New York-New York is probably the most heavily "themed" casino on the Strip. 



The detailed replicas (though smaller in scale than actual buildings) make for an enjoyable experience.  


If you're not interested in overeating at a buffet, and don't feel like driving to Kilroy's, then Broadway Burger inside New York-New York is a good bet!  It's fast food, the burger is big ... and it's good!  Located near the Zumanity theatre.



The inside of Broadway Burger--"Outdoor" tables are located in the street alongside of the fast food restaurant--where one can enjoy the ambiance of Greenwich Village while eating. 



New York-New York celebrated Halloween in 2009 with the Zombie Precinct haunted house--set up on the Brooklyn Bridge along the Strip. 


The Roller coaster at New York-New York (formerly called the Manhattan Express) is 203 feet tall with a maximum drop of 144 feet.  The cars look like Checker cabs.  The roller coaster reaches speeds up to 67 mph.  (Photo takne May, 2006). 


Here in this photo, a train is ready to take its passengers for the big plunge!  The roller coaster was built by TOGO, Inc from Japan.  (Photo taken May, 2006). 



New York-New York as seen from the MGM Grand--street level.


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