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Oktober Fright Fest

Oktober Fright Fest



Zombie Rising getting ready for their performance on the Main Street Stage on October 12, 2012. 

Book a Great Room in Downtown for Halloween


Lead-singer Heather belting-out another favorite during the 4th Annual Fright Fest 2012. 




Zombie Rising (Venus Rising) performing on the Main Street Stage at the Fremont Street Experience on Friday, October 12, 2012.--part of the Oktober Fright Fest 2012. 




2011 was the 3rd Annual Oktober Fright Fest celebration on the Fremont Street Experience for Halloween.


An old hearse parked in front of the Las Vegas Club.


The driver of the hearse has been on an extreme diet!


One of the lovely Golden Gate bartenders taking a moment for a photo between serving up frozen daiquiri drinks at the outdoor bar.


One of the Golden Gate bartenders serving barber chair shooters to a customer. 


A witch effigy with a jack-o-lantern head hanging from the rafters.


A scary skeleton ghost looking down on the Halloween revelers at the Fremont Street Experience. 





When not serving frozen daiguiri drinks, the Golden Gate bartenders end up dancing on the bar.  In this short video montage, the ladies are dancing to the music of Vampire Rising.


Vampire Rising

(Venus Rising)

The Band


Heather--Lead Singer.


Eden--Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals. 



David--Bass and Keyboards . 






More Photos:


Eden, dressed like Gomez Addams from the Addams Family. 


Heather, dressed like Elvira and doing the twist during "The Monster Mash."  In back to the right, David is dressed like Lurch with Thing on his shoulder!



Eden during a guitar solo. 


The band on the Main Street stage of the Fremont Street Experience--between the Golden Gate and Las Vegas Club. 



A short montage of Vampire Rising's performances during Oktober Fright Fest 2011 (audio is over-modulated--the camera couldn't handle the decibels!). During the other eleven months of the year, the group is called Venus Rising.  For more information on the band, click on the link below:




Frank and the Steins


Frank and the Steins, A Live Singing Freak Show, performed on the 3rd Street Stage between Fitzgerald's and the 4 Queens.


A view of the stage Frank and the Stein's performed on. 


Performing "The Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Gargoyles on the pillars, the Joker with a guitar ... and a large crowd of drunk people having a good time on the Fremont Street Experience! 




Frank and the Steins performing "The Time Warp."

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