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Red Rock Canyon


The entrance to Red Rock Canyon.  The National Conservation Area is located about 15-miles from Las Vegas and can be reached driving west on Charleston Blvd. 

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The beautiful range on the eastern edge of the Spring Mountains--as viewed from the Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center. 


The Visitor's Center at Red Rock Canyon.  A 13-mile, one-way loop drive begins from the center and provides access to the many stops and trailheads of the park. 


Traveling down the 13-mile loop drive, the Calico Hills are the first point of  interest in Red Rock Canyon.  


The Calico Hills are said to be sand dunes "frozen in time".  180 million years ago, one of the largest dune fields to exist on Earth was located here; the towering dunes were red in color.  Over time, water cemented the dunes into sandstone. 


The view northward towards the Calico Tanks and the sandstone quarry, which operated from 1905 to 1912.  Sandstone blocks were cut at the Excelsior Stone Quarry for buildings in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Franciso.  As many as 15 men worked at the mine.


Looking southward at the Calico Hills. 


The Keystone Thrust fault built the mountains in this photo.  To the left is La Madre Mountain, right of center is Turtlehead Peak and to the far-right is the red and tan sandstone of the Calico Hills. 


Bridge Mountain is to the right (pointy top with red ban); Mt. Wilson is the highest peak with a flat top to the left of center).


Jay on Lost Creek Trail in the White Rock Hills. 

 A rustic fence on Lost Creek Trail. 

Looking into Ice Box Canyon. 


A view of Pine Creek Canyon. 


Yucca plants in the foreground with Pine Creek Canyon in the background.  This canyon is where desert plants intermingle with pines.


Looking into Oak Creek Canyon (near the end of the 13-mile loop drive).


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