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The Nugget Casino in Searchlight--where a 10-cent cup of coffee can still be enjoyed in the casino's restaurant!  The food is excellent!  Searchlight may become home to a large windmill farm for generating electricity--many of the residents are not happy with the idea.


The Nugget Casino--100 N US 95--it's easy to find.  Searchlight is believed to have gotten its name from miner George Frederick Colton, who in 1897 was looking for gold in the area and said it would take a searchlight to find gold ore there.  Gold was found, and for a while, Searchlight had a bigger population than nearby Las Vegas! 



Gil with his "lucky nickel"  inside the Nugget Casino--alas, he did not become a millionaire when he dropped it into the slot machine. 



The Searchlight Cemetery--established in 1906.  Searchlight is the home to Nevada Senator Harry Reid. 




One of the family graves at the Searchlight Cemetery.



The view towards Laughlin from the cemetery (south-east).  Laughlin is on the other side of the mountains. 



The view of the desert landscape from the cemetery entrance--looking east.  According to Senator Reid, Searchlight at one time had thirteen houses of prostitution and no churches.  Notable people to have lived in Searchlight:  Western actor Rex Bell and wife Clara Bow, costume designer Edith Head, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, and William Nellis (for whom Nellis Air Base is named.



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