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Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat

(The Mirage)


Dolphin Habitat


Nestled between the large Mirage swimming pool and Bare, the European-style swimming pool, is Siegried & Roy's Secret Garden ... and the Dolphin Habitat. 

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Though the Secret Garden is listed first on the marquee, the Dolphin Habitat is the first attraction the visitor enters.  This is the main dolphin pool (there are two others, all connected by waterways). 


A close-up of an Atlantic Bottle-Nosed Dolphin--one of the inhabitants at the Dolphin Habitat. 


Two dolphins frolicing and playing. 


For an unique experience, visitors can actually become "trainers for a day" and learn how to feed, care for, and train the dolphins! 


Here, some hungry dolphins are getting fed. 


This area is the Research and Birthing Pool.  The trainers are attemtping to call the dolphin from pool #2 to this pool. 


The staff trainers, videographer, and visitor-trainers at the Research and Birthing Pool. 


This dolphin has a sly eye! 


The life support system for the dolphin pools--recirculating man-made seawater and cleaning it. 


A photo from the underwater viewing area. 



Getting some fresh air! 


Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat Video



A short clip of dolphins swimming (seen above, and below water); and the White Tiger Vishnu.  



Secret Garden


Farther back at the rear of the Dolphin Habitat is the entrance to the Secret Garden.  In this photo, a personal message from Siegfried & Roy. 


Upon entering the Secret Garden, one finds oneself in  a junge-like setting. 


This is the White Tiger Vishnu, getting a drink of water. 


Venturing deeper into the Secret Garden; Vishnu's enclosure is to the left. 


A White Tiger cub getting fed. 


Other animals are on display at the Secret Garden too.  Here, Suri (long hair) Alpacas and Huacaya (short hair) Alpacas share the living space.  


Across from the Alpacas are the White Lions, Secret and Mystery ... taking a snooze.  For more photos of the Mirage Hotel and Casino, click here. 


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