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Sirens of TI

(Treasure Island)


Young Eros hears the call of the Sirens and can't resist!  

 The pirate from the Bull risks life and limb swinging from the dock to the Siren's ship


The Sirens climb the rigging to seduce the rest of the pirates of the Bull.

No mortal pirate can resist the temptation! 




The rest of the Bull pirates abandon ship and climb aboard the Siren's ship to be seduced.

The curtain call. 

Watching the Sirens of TI at night is even better! 


The lighting and color effects make the show even more entertaining.


 The masthead of the Siren's ship. 

Young Eros and a shipload of beautiful women. 



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The Sirens of TI show featured singing and music, huge explosions, simulated cannon fire, and scantily-clad women and bare-chested pirates.  The show was free and ran four times a night.  In November, 2013, after the show was placed on hiatus for what appeared to be refurbishment, it was announced the show was permanently cancelled and would be demolished to make way for shops. 


Treasure Island abandoned the pirate-battle show in 2003 for a more adult-oriented Sirens of TI show--the sirens seduce pirates. 


The masthead of the Siren's ship. 



Sirens of TI Video


The Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island--a short montage from the show--filmed July 24, 2008. (If the video doesn't load up, try refreshing the page). 


Detail of the Siren's ship with the rigging the pirates use to board the ship during the show.  At the time this photo was taken, the Palazzo was being built across the street (background). 


The Siren's ship bathed in light-blue light prior to a show.


The stern of the Siren's ship as was once seen from the Strip (which provides the main stage for the Sirens of Ti show); located in front of Treasure Island.  This photo can no longer be taken because Gilley's blocks the view from the Strip. 


The crowd following a Sirens of TI show. 


"The Bull" --the ship the pirates sail to have their encounter with the sirens.  The ship actually sinks during the show when the pirates battle the sirens.


The very large explosion during the Sirens of Ti show (as seen from a room on the 25th floor facing Siren's Cove).  



 One Last Look


The Bull pirate ship sails no more.  Photo taken May 27, 2014.


Senor Frog's provides the backdrop for a dry-docked pirate ship.  Photo taken May 27, 2014.


The stern of the Siren's ship.  Photo taken May 27, 2014. 


The masthead of the Siren's ship.  Photo taken May 27, 2014. 


Young Eros' row boat is beached till further notice.  Photo taken May 27, 2014. 


A dry Siren's Cove along the Las Vegas Strip.  Photo taken May 27, 2014. 



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