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Star Trek: The Experience

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D hanging from the ceiling over Quark's Bar.


The USS Voyager NCC 74656 hanging along side the Enterprise-D at the Hilton's Star Trek Experience.


The sign said it all .... 


A very friendly Klingon poses for a picture with Jay (forgot to ask his name ... it probably started with a "K"). 


A Borg stands watch over the Hilton's futuristic-looking casino. 



We're not sure whether this is Quark or not (all Ferengi look alike to us!!).  If this IS Quark ... who's running the bar? 


Jay about ready to get hit in the head with a club by a Gorn ... while the M-113 Creature tries to hold his hand!!    


The Voyager (left) and the Enterprise-D.  News articles relate that the Star Trek Experience may be opening up soon at the Neonopolis in downtown.  Meanwhile, the STE at the Las Vegas Hilton is just a memory


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