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Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower at dusk.  The tower was completed in 1996 and soars 1,149 feet into the sky.  There are four thrill rides at the top of the tower--Big Shot, Insanity, X-Scream .... and the newest ... the Sky Jump (which opened in April, 2010)--which allows the daring person to leap off the observation deck and descend 40 mph on a wire--sort of a modified bungee jump without the bungee and the bouncing.  The High Roller, a rollercoaster, was dismantled in December, 2005.  

Check for Room Rates at the Stratosphere


The Las Vegas Strip as it appeared on October 12, 2012.  To the left is Paradise Rd. 


The view of Downtown from the outside observation deck (near Insanity). 


Looking south along the Las Vegas Strip from the outside observation deck. 


On the upper, outside observation deck of the "pod"--directly above is the Big Shot thrill ride which will take the individual to the full 1,149 feet of the tower's height (it is the tallest amusement park ride in the world). 


Looking out the windows of the lower observation deck--pointing towards Hoover Dam. 


The view of the Spring Mountains to the west.  I-15 is the major highway stretching horizontally across the picture. 


 X-Scream--making you feel like you're going over the edge.  Heart stopping!


Thrill-seekers getting ready to be spun around on Insanity with the ground 900-feet below!  Notice the riders are sitting in open seats--there is nothing to contain them except for whatever is strapping them into the ride. 


Insanity in motion--with the riders looking almost straight down! 


Insanity in action at night with Downtown in the background. 


The ride operators for Insanity.


The young woman in the green and blue jumpsuit is planning to leap off the tower using the new Sky Jump mechanism. 


The attendant leans out over the 900 feet of open air to pull in the tether. 


And there she goes! 


Jay at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. 


The indoor observation deck with a gift shop and a Starbucks.  On another level, the Top of the World Restaurant revolves 360 degrees in 90 minutes--giving diners a complete view of the valley. 


Looking from the elevators out to the observation deck--and the lights of Las Vegas beyond. 


The Turnberry Place condos and the Las Vegas Hotel--looking down Paradise Rd from the outside observation deck. 


Looking east at the Las Vegas/Henderson sprawl.  The wide street near the bottom of the photo is Sahara Ave.  The points of light in the sky are airplanes in their landing pattern for McCarran Field (which is located to the right and out of the picture). 


Looking up at the full1,149 feet of the tower--this is as high as it gets.  This metal tower is where the Big Shot thrill ride is located.   


One of the bars located at the top of the tower. 


The base of the Stratosphere Tower--the round enclosure is where visitors queue up and board the double-deck elevators.  The elevator shoot people up the tower in less than 30 secons at a speed of 20 mph.


For more photos of the Stratosphere, visit the Stratosphere page in the North Strip section or click herre.



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