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The Boneyard


The Boneyard--where all good neon signs go to die in Las Vegas.  But, once in a while, a sign will get refurbished and show its light again as part of the neon light museum--some signs are glowing once more on the Fremont Street Experience and on Fremont East.  The Boneyard is located just north of downtown  near Cashman Field (where the Las Vegas 51s play).


The Neon Boneyard Park sign located across the street from the Boneyard.  For more info on the Neon Museum, click the link below:




Photos from November, 2011

  Signs from Binion's and the Showboat.

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A sign from the El Cortez in Downtown (which is still open). 


The sign from the Moulin Rouge--one of the first racially integrated casinos in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, it was only open for about six months.  The sign was designed by Betty Willis (using her own handwriting), who created the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.   


Binion's Horshoe. 


Sassy Sally's. 


A view down the first row of signs, looking towards the entrance. 


Pieces of the old Yucca Motel sign--complete with the neon yucca! 


The Algier's Hotel. 


Part of the La Concha Motel sign.  Note the service rungs sticking out from the sign--these were used by workers to replace bulbs--in the day when there was no harness protection or safety features.  Signs with the service rungs date from before 1970. 


The Tropicana Mobil Park and to the right, a part of Tam O'Shanter's. 


The "Happy Shirt" mascot from Steiner's Cleaners.  Note the multiple arms--to induce the effect of the arms moving when the neon was lit. 


A variety of neon signs from different casinos and businesses. 


The green cocktails sign is the oldest in the yard--dating back to the late 1930s.  It came from the Green Shack Steak and Chicken Restaurant.  


The original Skull from Treasure Island--back from the days (the '90s} when Las Vegas was being marketed as a "family" destination. 


Another view of the skull from TI. 


A piece of signage from th e Flamingo. 


The silver lamp is from the Aladdin; the "R" and "H" are from the original Sahara sign. 


A stylish sign from the now closed Liberace Museum. 


A better view of the lamp from the Aladdin.  To the right are some of the "stars" from the Stardust sign (which is so large, it had to be dismantled in three large pieces). 


The Desert Inn--which used to be where the Wynn is now. 


An earlier version of the Stardust signage--which wrapped around the casino. 


Jay in front of the Stardust sign. 


Robyn with the sign from Ugly Duckling Car Rentals. 


Looking into the Boneyard from the front gate. 


What is left of the La Concha Motel ... which will be renovated and become the Neon Sign Museum's headquarters.  Photo taken October, 2011.


In May, 2014, the La Concha  was a fully functioning headquarters for the Boneyard. 


The City of Las Vegas built the Neon Boneyard Park opposite the Boneyard.  The sign incorporates lettering and effects from several casinos:  Golden Nugget, Caesars Palace, Binion's, Desert Inn, the Stardust and the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. 


A view of the Boneyard Park from Las Vegas Blvd. 

 The interior of Boneyard Park. 

Looking to the left from the previous photo. 

Photos from July, 2008

Above:  This is the sign for the recently demised Nevada Palace which was on Boulder Highway.  The Nevada Palace was closed not long before this picture was taken; it is now Eastside Cannery.
Above:  The "stars" appear to be part of the old Stardust sign.  The Stardust was imploded on March, 13, 2007 at 2:30 A.M. 


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