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 NEW Tropicana Las Vegas


The new Tiffany ceiling in place over the casino.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012).


Make Reservations at the Tropicana LV



The New Tropicana.  Photo taken May 28, 2014. 


The colorful, new lobby of the Tropicana.  (Photo taken October 12, 2012). 


The colorfully-changing new lobby. 


The new red script of the Tropicana above the main entrance. 


The bar area near the Tiffany Theatre.


The entrance to the Tiffany Theatre. 


Deeper inside the Tropicana--looking from the second floor onto a slot machine area. 


The sign at the entrance is not lying .... the Tropicana is being made into something new, white and gleaming! 


The now white and modified facade of the Tropicana (compare with a photo taken back in 2008 found below). 


The rock waterfalls near the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Rd. 


The main waterfall located next to the escalator of the bridge that crosses over to Excalibur.


A gaming area deep inside the Tropicana.  The Mob Experience Preview Center was located near here. 


The Tropicana during Renovation


For a while, the entire eastern end of the Tropicana was renamed Bagatelle and had become a separate hotel, complete with its own entrance, lobby and valet.  This section of the Tropicana is now called "Havana."  (Photo taken December 31, 2012).  


The Tropicana Resort at night in October, 2010. 


The main casino floor at the entrance with the old Tiffany ceiling.  (Photo taken October 14, 2010).  


Another view of the main casino floor with the gaming tables, facing west towards the front entrance.  Some of the old with some of the new.


The hotel lobby prior to renovation.  


The Tropicana hotel towers as seen from Excalibur in October, 2010.  The area with foliage between the towers is the lush pool area of the resort. 




The Tropicana Prior to 2010 


The Paradise Tower of the Tropicana with the cascading waterfall of light.  The original Garden Room wings were built in 1957; the 21-floor Paradise Tower and Tiffany Tower in 1979; the 22-story Island Tower in 1986.  The Tropicana joins the Riviera and Flamingo as the last remaining vestiges of the "Old Vegas". 


A bikini advertisement on the Paradise Tower--picture taken July 23, 2009.   


Near the entrance to the Tropicana (the Paradise Tower is in the background, to the right).  The Bodies exhibit (seen advertised on the sign) and Titanic--the Artifacts were on display at the Tropicana from 2005 to 2008; the shows have since moved to the Luxor.


The valet area of the hotel.  The Tropicana as it appeared before a $100 million renovation centering on a Miami-South Beach theme. 




Wayne Newton "Once Before I Go"


In October 2009, Wayne Newton began a new engagement at the Tropicana scheduled until April 2010; the show was called "Once Before I Go". 


Inside the Tiffany Theatre following Wayne Newton's show, "Once Before I Go." 



A look inside the Tiffany Theatre at the Tropicana.  In the Inset (lower right corner), Wayne Newton on stage during "Once Before I Go." 

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