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The Venetian opened on May 3, 1999 where the Sands used to be located.  The Venice-themed resort cost $1.5 billion and was renovated in 2003.

Make Reservations at the Venetian



The Venetian is part of the largest five-star hotel and resort complex in the world.  This picture is of the replica of the Doge's Palace and of the famous clock tower from Venice along the Strip.


The 31, 235 square-foot lagoon along the Strip--where a visitor can enjoy a ride in a gondola and have a gondolier sing to them.


Passing under the bridge in front of the Venetian in a gondola.


One of the Venetian's gondoliers. 


Outside the Phantom Theatre; the stairs to the left go up to the balcony. 


A mosaic in tile of the Phantom's mask on the floor near the ticket counter to the Phantom of the Opera.


A peek inside the Phantom Theatre following a performance. 


A view to the side of the Phantom Theatre as theatre-goers file out after the show. 


Zeffirino's Italian Ristorante (est. 1939)--a fine-dining experience located among the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian.



Looking into the downstairs bar area of Zeffirino's. 


Inside Zeffirino's Ristorante on the second floor. 


Zeffirino's Ristorante at the Venetian. 


The amazing hall that leads to the Venetian's lobby.


A reproduction of Michelangelo's masterpiece from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel on the ceiling near an entrance off the Strip.


The Grand Canal inside the Venetian.


A gondolier singing to his passengers.


The Venetian during the New Year's celebration along the Strip at the stroke of Midnight, January 1, 2008.


Beautiful fresco-paintings cover the ceiling in the valet area of the Venetian.


The Venetian lagoon along the Strip after sunset.


A scene along the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian.


A singing-gondolier and his passengers on the lagoon outside.  Clickhereto see more photos of the gondola rides.


A replica of the Rialto Bridge near the lagoon along the Strip.


Madame Tussaud's Interactive Wax Museum.


Jay in front of the Venetian.


What a deal!!  A chicken suit for only $129.00 at Houdini's Magic Shop and Museum at the Venetian. 

 The Venetian at night from the Strip 



The Venetian during the Holidays


A beautiful, giant Christmas tree with rotating colors greets visitors along the Las Vegas Strip during the holiday season. 


The Christmas tree is a favorite among visitors and tourists to have in the background while having their picture taken. 


Another of the many different colors and hues. 


The Rialto Bridge also changes colors with dancing snowflakes and Christmas music. 



Here, the bridge is seen as predominately blue.


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