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Jay Barrymore
  live in Albuquerque and work for the State of New Mexico.  Photography of Las Vegas has become one of my hobbies.


I work for the State of New Mexico and live in Albuquerque, NM.  In the past, I was a radio news reporter and a disc jockey, working at radio stations in Southern California, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana.  Welcome to my little piece of Vegas on the Internet.!  If you like Las Vegas as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy this website immensely!


My first real trip to Las Vegas took place in May, 2006; three times I had gone on brief turn-arounds:  1982, 1983 and 1991--all at a time when the Strip was still representative of the "Old Vegas."   It wasn't until the 2006 visit that Vegas "affected" me; I fell in love with the place!  I've been making several trips to Vegas every year since then.


NeonParadise.Com started out as a photo album on MySpace.  After accumulating several thousand photos over a number of trips, it became apparent that I had enough Vegas pictures for a website; in December 2009, the website you are currently visiting was created.  I have personally taken 99% of the photographs posted on this site--using three different cameras in the process; the remaining photos were shot by my daughter, Robyn and my friend and associate, Gil Davis; a couple were provided by other sources. 


I have been all over Vegas in such a short period of time--it's amazing to think there are many places I have yet to visit!  Changes happen so often in Vegas, with places closing and opening, that it's quite a challenge to keep the website updated. 


I plan to move to Las Vegas when I retire in 2021; the dream is to live in a high-rise condo on or near the Strip.  I'm sure my affection for Las Vegas is shown through this website--and if you love the city as much as I do, I hope this website becomes one of your favorite places on the net!   Please leave a comment in the Guest Book--let us know you stopped by for a visit!





Gil Davis

I'm semi-retired and work as an ATM tech in Indiana and Ohio.


In my travels, there are a few very unique places that are difficult to forget. One is New Orleans, Louisiana, The Big Easy. Especially the famous French Quarter. Another is New York City. Nothing like Times Square at night. Or almost nothing. The one place that surpasses even that is Las Vegas, Nevada.   On my first visit to Vegas, I was unimpressed.  I was there with Jay on a turn-around in the early 1980s. We ended up in Glitter Gulch (downtown) at the Four Queens. Ate at Circus Circus on the North Strip for breakfast; the first time I’d ever eaten at a buffet for under $3.00!


It wasn’t until I went in 2010 with Jay acting as tour guide, that I was truly impressed with Las Vegas and the riches it holds. Not because of gambling, necessarily, but because of the rich history and architectural marvels that can be found both within its borders and even outside of the city. Las Vegas lights up the night sky like a beacon from over 100 miles away.



On designing this site, Jay had an idea of what he wanted and with many years of desktop publishing experience, I had an idea how to make it happen.  Jay took most of the photos, one of his fortes. He has patience to wait out the scene while people clear out…then attempt the perfect picture. And in most cases, he eventually scores. There are some that are nearly impossible, even for him, but he’ll come back hours later when it’s not busy to get that perfect picture. It’s really hard to believe that the site contains (as of the date of this writing) almost 2,000 photos, possibly one of the largest collections of Las Vegas photos on the Internet.


I, on the other hand, am not so inclined. I’ll try to get as good a photo as possible and will settle on showing some unidentifiable people in the picture. But I do enjoy doing the videos. I have two video cameras, a couple of digital recorders, plus the software and knowledge about using it that puts it all together. That part for me, is fun. Jay also takes videos with his digital cameras and you’ll find those here, as well.


We both appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit Neon Paradise, hope you’ll visit often, and finally, tell your friends.






Robyn Barrymore 


My name is Robyn and I attend the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque--I'm a dual-Major in Criminology and Media Arts.  My intention is to pursue a screen writing career in Los Angeles and work in Hollywood. 


I've been on all of dad's trips to Las Vegas except one; I'm the person usually standing around, impatient, while he is taking pictures.  But occasionally, I'm the one taking the photograph because dad is preoccupied with something else.   Las Vegas is a great place, but I prefer New Orleans--Vegas is about reinventing itself, while the Crescent City retains its rich history and culture.  Both are party places--but are worlds a part in style and effect.  My favorite casino in Vegas is the Venetian and I plan to stay there someday.   The Phantom of the Opera is a my favorite show!  We've seen Phantom twice--the first time, front row, center.


I've been with my Dad all over the Strip and Downtown, at all hours of the day.  On one occasion, we can be out during the afternoon visitng places and seeing things, walking many miles in the processm and at another, we'll be up at 4 AM to get a "people-less" shot of the entrance of Bally's (which can take up to an hour or longer.)  It's not all about taking pictures, though.  We try to experience Vegas in every way possible ... if it's not attending shows, or visitng the many attractions, hiking at Red Rock or at the Valley of Fire, then it might be spending time at the roulette wheel at a favorite casino, or playing Keno at D's (formerly Fitzgeralds) .... or driving out to Area 51 to spend the evening, watching the skies.  And I must not forget to mention the Las Vegas Drive-In--drive-in movie theaters are rare these days!  


New Year's Eve is an event you must experience at least once in your life!  It is one of my favorite times to be in Las Vegas-to be out on the Strip with thousands of people, walking up and down the street, celebrating and having a great time, while waiting for an awesome fireworks display!  Thanks for visiting the website and don't forget to sign the Guestbook!