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Viva Laughlin!



The enclosed walking bridge and the "Welcome to Laughlin" sign crossing Casino Drive.





      The lights of the Riverside Casino reflect off the waters of the Colorado River.




Laughlin began as the townsite of South Pointe, which was located across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, the construction town for workers building Davis Dam during the 1940s.  Construction workers, along with miners from nearby gold and silver mines, and fishermen, frequented the bar and motel located on the Nevada side of the river. 


In 1964, Don Laughlin, the owner of the 101 Club in Las Vegas, realized the tourism potential of the South Pointe area and eventually opened a small motel and casino there--starting with 12 slot machines, two gaming tables and eight rooms for accomodations.  One of the major draws in the early days was the all-you-can-eat chicken dinner for 98 cents!  The small resort became popular.  Don Laughlin wanted to rename the area Riverside or Casino, but the Post Office named the new resort, Laughlin.  


By 1967, another casino, the Bobcat Club, opened where the Golden Nugget is located today, followed by a third, called the Monte Carlo.    In the early 1970s, the Riverside Resort added forty-eight more rooms, and then a 14-story high rise was built in the mid-80s.  The '80s were a major growth period for Laughin, with the Colorado Hotel (now the Pioneer), Sam's Town Gold River (now the River Palms), the Regency and the Edgewater all opening their doors.  Soon, the Colorado Belle, the Ramada Express (now named the Topicana Express) and Harrah's Del Rio all became new neighbors along the river as contruction continued.  Don Laughlin funded the construction of the Laughlin Bridge ($3.5 million) for easier access across the river and gave the bridge to the states of Nevada and Arizona (plans are currently in the works for a second bridge to be built as another connection between Laughlin and Bullhead City).  In 1990, the Flamingo Hilton (now, the Aquarius) was built. 


Throughout the years, Laughlin has been regarded as a snowbird and retiree haven, but because of the river and Lake Mohave, Laughlin prides itself as a familiy-oriented destination.  Younger people are making their way to Laughlin just as often as older folks.  One of the fun Summer events featured in August is the River Regatta, where thousands of friends and families board anything that floats (from inner tubes to rafts) and drift lazily down the river with the current.   A new hiking trail system has been built; and the famous Riverwalk provides lots of scenic walking exercise along the river between seven of the eight casinos.  With boating, fishing, and swimming, there's much more to Laughlin than just gaming.  During the last weekend in April, the population can explode upwards to around 70,000 as bikers come roaring-in from all across the country for the River Run--one of the major events for the entire year for the community.  And, celebrating New Year's Eve in Laughlin is becoming a tradition for many--because of the hour difference in time zones between Nevada (on Pacific Time) and Arizona (on Mountain Time), New Year's can be celebrated twice during the same night!


It gets hot in Laughlin during the Summer--at an elevation of 558 feet, a high of 112 degrees is not uncommon (record highs of over 125 degrees have been recorded).   Laughin gets hotter than Las Vegas (located 90 miles to the north), which is at an elevation of 2,000 feet and has average highs of 105 degrees.   Laughlin is regarded as a less expensive destination than Las Vegas, featuring gaming, food and room prices that Vegas was once known for--in fact, it's not out of the question to find nice rooms in Laughlin going for as little as $20 a night during certain times of the year and days of the week! 


Laughlin is the third-most visited gaming spot in Nevada (after Las Vegas and Reno) and listed as 5th throughout the nation for RV vacations.  Visit the South Pointe region of Nevada and enjoy the Neon Paradise that is found along the banks of the Colorado River! 



 Finger Butte in Arizona about eleven-miles outside of Laughlin.

Highway 68 (from Union Pass in the Black Mountains) heading into Laughlin. 



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